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The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) evaluates the language proficiency of those aspiring to study or work where English is a native language.

A nine-band scale is used to clearly identify levels of proficiency, from non-user (band score 1) through to expert (band score 9).


Test Format

IELTS has two variants namely Academic and General Training. IELTS Academic is recommended for applying for higher education or professional registration while IELTS General Training is for those planning to migrate to Australia, Canada and the UK or apply for secondary education, training programs and work experience in an environment where English is the native language.


The Reading section consists of 03-04 sections with 13-14 questions each, though the total number of questions is 40 only. The passages for both Academic & General Training Reading test are different as per the requirements of the test version. The section has to be completed in the given time as there is no option of taking extra time.


There are four sections in this test. Each section is of around 07-08 minutes. Each section has 10 questions to answer. Each question carries 01 mark. The candidate gets 10 minutes in paper-based to verify the answers at the end of the sections while in the computer-based test, 02 minutes are given to the candidates to verify and submit the test.


This test is of 60 minutes with two tasks to complete. Task 2 is same for both Academic & General Training Writing i.e essay while Task 1 is a letter for General Training candidates and description of a image is to be done in the Academic version.


This is a one to one interview/interaction with the examiner who engages you in speaking beginning with the basic level to more comprehensive expressions. This speaking test continues for around 14 minutes but no less than 12 minutes.

01 Paper-based

This version is a normal paper-based test wherein aspirants attempt Listening, Reading and Writing on sheets.


02 Computer-delivered

This version can be attempted only on a computer where all modules are tested in the sequence of Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.


IELTS results are reported on a 9-band scale.IELTS results are designed in a way that is simple and easy to understand. The results are reported as band scores on a scale from 1 (the lowest) to 9 (the highest).

What we offer ?

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  • Reading Tests
  • Listening Tests
  • Writing Tests
  • Speaking Tests
  • Mock Tests